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Walther is one of the leading and most experienced manufacturers of multi-couplings for engine testing. Two aspects are particularly important in multi-couplings for this application: reliability and the ability to make all the required connections automatically.

Walther combines high quality engineering and workmanship with innovative design and decades of experience to provide coupling systems with long, trouble free life.

Walther multi-couplings can combine all connections required to the engine, including:

  • water
  • fuel
  • oil
  • air (hot and cold)
  • exhaust gas
  • electric instrumentation
  • electric power for starting
  • control fluids, hydraulic & pneumatic
  • etc...



Right: heavy, V 12 cylinder turbo diesel engine on test frame. Multi-coupling for fluids and electrics is located below the yellow base plate. In addition, there are four exhaust couplings located at the right and left sides of the yellow plate.


Left: view of the side of the engine showing the flexible exhaust lines going to the couplings.


Right: close-up of the exhaust gas couplings. Standard exhaust couplings are rated to a gas temperature of 1,475°F (800°C) and are specially designed to reduce heat transfer to the surrounding structure.


Left: view of the test cell side, showing the mating fluid, electrical and exhaust gas couplings. Air connectors typically have no valves, whilst liquid connectors are "clean-break", i.e. there is virtually no spillage on disconnection, or air inclusion on connection.


Right: view of the test cell side, showing the multi-coupling guidance pins and the multi-pin electrical connectors for instrumentation and control. The electrical connectors are specially designed for high connect/ disconnect cycles, unlike conventional connectors, which fail rapidly in this type of service.

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