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Companies in the nuclear, aerospace, oil & gas and chemical industries subject their equipment to the most punishing conditions imaginable. Components used in their processes must endure extreme temperature and pressure simultaneously. These companies must have complete confidence that critical components won't fail at the wrong moments. But these companies also know that components don't experience these conditions in isolation: they are subjected to both pressure and bending stresses simultaneously. Combined testing services from Maxbar can make sure your components are up to the challenge.

About Combined Testing Services

The environment of many industrial firms being what it is, some components frequently have to endure extreme conditions on several levels. Much like HPHT testing, combined testing brings together various forms of testing simultaneously:

  • Pressure testing: Generally defined, pressure testing imposes some form of pressure, such as external air pressure or internal compression, on a component to test the effects. Pressure testing can take many forms, such as burst testing, proof testing or hydrostatic testing.
  • Temperature testing subjects material or component samples to certain levels of heat or cold to see if they can operate under certain environmental conditions. This is done in specialized chambers under controlled conditions, and can vary depending on the equipment or device in question and the limits it may have to endure. Some electronic devices may only encounter temperatures in excess of 100°F, while some equipment may have to tolerate temperatures in the thousands of degrees and still retain their structural integrity. In addition, manufacturers may need to verify that their equipment can endure levels of heat or cold well in excess of their normal temperature range.
  • Bend testing is used to determine if a combination of pressure and external load will cause failure. While most bend tests are external, essentially placing weight on the test sample, the pressure in question may be internal or external. However, some components must be able to absorb pressure from various angles. For instance, a component may have to support a certain level of weight at extreme ocean depths, meaning it will also have to endure high subsea pressures as well.

In order to successfully carry out combined testing, the right equipment is essential. An appropriate combination of pumps, valves and actuators must be available to simulate the real-world conditions in which the component will be expected to operate. Accurate measurement sensors must be implemented properly to record even minimal surface deformation. Most importantly, the right personnel must be on hand to carry out the test and provide accurate records.

Combined Testing Services

Since every project is unique, every combined test is different. To provide specialized pressure & bend testing services, Maxbar has built its pressure testing facility with outstanding flexibility in mind. We can provide pressure testing at the following levels:

  • Air testing up to 6,000 PSI
  • Helium or nitrogen testing up to 30,000 PSI
  • Liquid testing up to 200,000 PSI

For pressure cycle testing, Maxbar has acquired pressure chambers capable of producing simultaneous internal and external pressure to simulate a subsea pressure environment. For unique tests, Maxbar will design specialized fixtures to conduct a test according to your exact needs.

Most companies simply don't have the specialized equipment or expertise to properly perform pressure testing. Some companies that do have access to pressure testing facilities are looking to avoid the expense involved. Maxbar is ready to serve you; we have the facilities and experienced personnel to provide world-class pressure testing services at a price that can fit in your project budget.

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