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Companies in the petrochemical, oil & gas, nuclear and aerospace industries need complete confidence in the components they use in their manufacturing processes. Maxbar’s cyclic pressure testing services can give companies confidence in their equipment, and help pinpoint problems before they’re discovered in the field.

What is Cyclic Pressure Testing?

Some forms of pressure testing are administered in a single pass. This is fine for burst testing, hydrostatic testing or leak testing, in which the part will be intentionally deformed or even destroyed as part of the test. But other industrial components, such as aircraft landing gear or some types of pressure valves, require cyclic pressure testing because they will be repeatedly subjected to certain loads or forms of stress.

For these and other scenarios, cyclic testing is most appropriate. The product, material or component is subjected to levels of pressure at repeated intervals. The effects are observed over the period of the test to see how well the product holds up under the type of conditions it might be expected to endure in real-world use.

Custom Cyclic Testing Services

The requirements of cyclic testing are unique to each project and its particular needs. Some companies need cyclic temperature tests, while others need cyclic leak testing. To provide each client with the specialized services they need, Maxbar has built a pressure testing facility to achieve maximum flexibility, including:

  • Air testing up to 6,000 PSI
  • Nitrogen or helium testing up to 30,000 PSI
  • Liquid testing up to 200,000 PSI

For cyclic temperature testing, we have a number of bench-top and free-standing temperature chambers on site for samples of nearly any size. For cyclic pressure testing, we have pressure chambers to simultaneously produce both internal and external pressure to replicate subsea pressure conditions.

The most specialized tests may require testing equipment that isn’t readily available through off-the-shelf providers. In response to this need, Maxbar engineers and manufactures testing systems to replicate the precise real-world conditions your equipment will face while in use. For measurement of the performance of your sample during the test, we utilize whatever instrumentation is necessary, from manual charting to computer-based data logs, to collect and document the data you require.

Many companies don’t have the facilities and expertise to properly perform cyclic tests. Other companies may have access to the facilities, but are open to affordable alternatives. Maxbar has the experience, manpower and facilities to provide first-class cyclic testing services at a price that will fit your project budget.

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