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EPF 262 is a synthetic hydraulic fluid suitable for use at pressures up to and in excess of 200,000 psi


  • Good compatibility with nitrile seals
  • Good lubricity
  • Low viscosity
  • Low flammability
  • Very low chemical reactivity
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Non-corrosive, non-hygroscopic
  • Non-hazardous

EPF 262 is a clear liquid similar to a light hydraulic oil. Unlike oils, which solidify at about 80,000 psi, EPF 262 remains liquid at pressures in excess of 200,000 psi.

EPF 262 has none of the drawbacks common to most other fluids used at high pressures, such as poor seal compatibility, high flammability or promotion of corrosion.

EPF 262 type fluid, also formerly known by the old trade name Plexol 262*, has been used successfully at very high pressures for many years.

Available in:

  • One gallon bottles
  • Five gallon pails
  • Fifty-five gallon drums


Seal compatibility:

Volumetric swell at room temperature after immersion for 11,600 hours:

Nitrile: good, 12% swell
EPDM: fair, 20% swell
Viton: poor, 100% swell

May cause swelling and blistering of PVC

Physical Properties:

Boiling point Flash Point (COC) Vapor Density
(Air =1)
Vapor pressure
(@ 300°F)
Specific Gravity Evaporation rate Solubility in water pH
210-221°F 400°F 12.8 <0.006" WC 0.923  N/A Negligible  N/A

Health Effects:

  • Skin Contact: Repeated or prolonged skin contact may cause skin irritation
  • Eye Contact: may cause slight eye irritation in susceptible people
  • Ingestion: may be harmful if swallowed. may irritate mouth, throat and stomach
  • Inhalation: may cause dizziness. Avoid inhaling a fine mist that may form after a high pressure leak

*Plexol is a registered trademark of Rohm & Hass

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