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Nuclear power plants, chemical facilities, oil & gas plants and aerospace firms cope with some of the most demanding operating conditions imaginable. Components and equipment can be exposed to a combination of crushing pressures and extreme temperatures. In these situations, companies can’t risk the failure of these critical components. Make sure your equipment is up to the challenge with Maxbar’s HPHT testing services.

HPHT Testing

Industrial equipment routinely endures extremely high temperatures. Processes in a chemical plant or nuclear facility can inflict extreme heat on certain components. But what is rarely appreciated is that these high temperatures almost never occur in isolation: frequently equipment will simultaneously experience extreme internal and/or external pressure.

The obvious solution is to verify these components through temperature testing and pressure testing. But replicating this combination of conditions precisely and safely can be a big challenge. Maxbar has developed its testing facility for outstanding HPHT testing quality and maximum flexibility for your custom requirements, including:

  • Air testing up to 6,000 PSI
  • Nitrogen or helium testing up to 30,000 PSI
  • Liquid testing up to 200,000 PSI

Proper HPHT testing can only be achieved with the right equipment. That’s one reason Maxbar has invested in state-of-the-art pressure chambers to simultaneously apply internal and external pressure. This technology, when used in connection with temperature testing, can replicate the sort of conditions encountered in subsea oil & gas operations.

One of the biggest challenges with pressure testing is the frequent need for customization. Since nearly every set of circumstances is slightly different, each pressure test must be designed differently to achieve the customer’s requirements. In response, Maxbar has designed its testing facility for extreme flexibility. Our engineering team can implement an array of features, including designing custom fixtures and other apparatus, to accommodate your testing requirements.

From companies that lack the necessary testing infrastructure to those who are open to more affordable alternatives, Maxbar has the expertise and equipment to provide the tests you need at a price your project budget can afford.

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