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The oil & gas industry has some of the most difficult environments in the world for equipment operation. Frequently working in environments of extreme temperatures and pressures, equipment used in oil & gas exploration and production processes must endure rigorous conditions. For the safety of their employees and to satisfy regulatory requirements, oil & gas companies must make sure critical components can handle the situations in which they will be placed. Use Maxbar's pipeline pressure testing services such as a natural gas pressure test to verify that your components are up to the challenge.

About Oil & Gas Pressure Testing Services

Equipment used in oil & gas operations must endure a range of conditions. In downhole or subsea applications, components must endure extreme heat combined with high pressures. In other cases, structures must be able to withstand extreme weight and low temperatures without being structurally compromised.

To replicate these and other conditions, Maxbar offers a range of pressure testing services.

  • Proof testing: We can subject your component or equipment to pressure slightly above its intended range.
  • Cyclic testing : Subject your equipment to repeated pressure loads.
  • Leak testing : In certain circumstances, a leaking component can spell disaster. Leak testing can help you learn the limits of your equipment.
  • Burst testing : What is the point at which a component just can't take anymore? Our burst testing services can provide the answer.
  • External pressure testing

Components used in oil & gas applications frequently experience high pressure in conjunction with extreme heat. To test these components, we offer HPHT testing services (high pressure/high temperature) to test several forms of pressure (including temperature and bending) simultaneously to see how your equipment performs.

Oil & Gas Pressure Testing Services

Because every oil & gas project is a little different, every pressure test must be a little different. To provide the customized pressure testing services oil & gas companies need, Maxbar has developed its pressure testing facility with outstanding flexibility in mind. We can provide pressure testing at the following levels:

  • Air testing up to 6,000 PSI
  • Helium or nitrogen testing up to 30,000 PSI
  • Liquid testing up to 200,000 PSI

For tests that are especially out of the ordinary, Maxbar will design and produce specialized fixtures to produce the forms of pressure needed for your exact specifications.

Most companies simply don't have the specialized equipment or expertise to properly perform pressure testing. Other companies do have access to pressure testing facilities, but are open to more affordable alternatives. Maxbar is ready to serve you. We have the facilities and experienced personnel to provide world-class pressure testing services at a price that can fit in your project budget.

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