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Walther Connectors Features and Benefits

  • Designed for plate-mounted high cycle and automated systems.
  • 1,000,000 design operating cycles for high reliability.
  • Keyed for correct orientation.
  • Three different housing sizes, many combinations of pin numbers and sizes.
  • Spring wires in socket provide high connection reliability.
  • Ground pin makes first, breaks last.
  • Different housing designs, including 'straight out', 90° out, EMI shielded, etc.
  • Pins offered in silver or gold plate, crimp/solder or solder only designs.
  • Quick-change outer pins & socket on Series 95273 minimizes down-time if pins are damaged.

Gold plated, solder only connection. Solder/crimp connections are not scalloped.


Silver plated, crimp or solder connection. Pins are pressed into the insert body after the wires have been attached.


Series 95273 37 way socket


Close-up showing multiple contact springs in sockets

Walther Connectors Technical Data

Series 95274 Connector (small)

  • Max. 10 way
  • Max. 2.5mm2 pin cross-section
  • Shell diameter 28mm

Series 95275 Connector (medium)

  • Max. 16 way (with pin dia. 1.5mm, cable c/s area 1.5mm2 (16 AWG))
  • Max. 4mm2 cable cross-section (12 AWG) (7 way, with 3mm dia. pins)
  • Shell diameter 38mm

Series 95273 Connector (large)

  • Max. 37 way (with pin dia. 1.5mm, cable c/s area 1.5mm2 (16 AWG))
  • Max. 25mm2 cable cross-section (4 AWG) (3 way, with 6mm dia. pins)
  • Shell diameter 52mm

To specify a connector:

  1. Review the four Insert Pages:
  2. Select the correct size housings:
  3. Specify dust caps, plug and socket (if required).
  4. Check the Part Number System below to complete the part numbers.

Use the Part Number Key to help build the correct part numbers

Part Number Key

Housing Bodies
95274- 1- XX008- 3N- 0- 00- Z03
Size Shell type Shell design Shell material Seal Material Variation

Example: 95274-1-XX008-3N-0-00-Z03

There are three sizes available:
Shell type
1- Plug housing
4- Socket housing
5- Dust cap
6- Dust plug
Shell Design
XX001- Non-angle housing for Series 95274 & 95275
XX002- 90° angle housing for Series 95274 & 95275
XX008- Non-angle housing for Series 95273
XX007- 90° angle housing for Series 95273
There are a number of options available, such as EMI shielding, stainless steel construction etc. Call for details.
Inserts (Sockets & Plugs)
C 5275- 1- ET 015- 2N- 0- AA 001 or 004
Insert Material Size Gender Type Pin c/s area Contact Material not used No. & pattern of contacts Outer insert plug/socket
Example: C5274-1-ET015-2N-0-AA
Insert Material
A- Rigid plastic (optional)
C- Black rubber (standard)
Must match the housing size
1- Plug
4- Socket
9- Inner, fixed, insert connected to cable, (Quick-change inserts only)
ET- Standard (one piece) insert
SK- Two part quick-change insert (optional on Series 95273 only)
Pin Cross-section Area
015- given in mm2 x 10
Contact Material
2N- Brass, silver plated (standard)
2P- Brass, gold plated (optional)
Number & Pattern of Contacts
See Insert pages for the individual Series 95274, 95275, 95273 and 95273 Quick-change
Outer Insert
001- Outer insert, quick-change, plug
004- Outer insert, quick-change, socket
(used only for 95273 Quick-change Inserts)

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