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The CG Coupling series includes the CG-G08 Coupling, a heavy duty, high reliability, high pressure, true clean-break coupling designed to handle a wide range of fluids, including aggressive and non-lubricating chemicals.

The CG-G08 coupling was designed for the demands of the off-shore oil industry, which requires a robust, reliable, corrosion proof, high pressure clean-break coupling capable of handling a wide variety of fluids, including water-based hydraulic fluids, inhibitors, acids, methanol, etc.

The design has proved so successful and reliable that it is now used for critical applications inside the international space station.


True Clean-break Design

The coupling connects with minimal air inclusion, and disconnects leaving only wetted surfaces. Unlike many "flat face" couplings, the CG design aligns the couplings halves before the valves open, preventing spills and spraying from premature vale opening.


The unique design of the valves provides reliable shut-off even in cold weather, after long periods of connection, with non-lubricating fluids. Premium quality materials are resistant to the effects of corrosive fluids and long-term exposure to corrosive environments. Minimal seal and parts count for extra reliability. Heavy-duty design with generous safety factors.

High Flow Capacity

Streamlined valve design provides good flow characteristics with low turbulence and low pressure drop.

Performance Specifications

Valve type: True clean-break
Working Pressure: 12,500 psi
Leakage Pressure: 46,600 psi (connected); 25,000 psi (disconnected)
Failure mode: Leak-before-burst
Flow capacity (Cv): 1.2
Construction: 316L stainless steel
Seals: FFKM and PTFE
End fittings:


  1. 316L is a low carbon variety of 316 stainless, popular in the off-shore industry for it's superior corrosion resistance.
  2. FFKM is the standard designation for the Perflurocarbon rubbers. Perflurocarbons combine the resilience and sealing force of an elastomer with the thermal stability and chemical resistance of a polytetrafluroetylene (PTFE) resin. They resist the majority of chemicals that attack other elastomers. [1] FFKM materials are marketed under a number of trade names, such as Kalrez (du Pont), Fluraz (Green, Tweed) etc.

Flow Capacity


Continuous operation at very high flow rates is not recommended.

[1] Nagdi, Khairi: "Rubber as an engineering material: guideline for users"
Pub. Hanser, 1993. ISBN 3-446-16282-8

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