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The HC series of clean break couplings was designed specifically for high pressure hydraulic applications.

HC Series Design

In this clean break design, integrated valves makes sure that no medium is lost when disconnecting and air is not allowed into the systems when both halves are connected. The HC Series also features a flat face design to allow for easy cleaning.


  • Automatic lock
  • Squirt free
  • No medium loss or air let in at connection and disconnection
  • Full working pressure for halves even when disconnected
  • Flat face design
  • Used for self lubricating fluids


  • Steel Zinc Plated
  • Yellow Chromated
  • Yellow Phosphated
  • Stainless Steel 1.4404 (AISI 316L)
For more information on HC Series couplings and more detailed specifications on the following part numbers of self sealing couplings and adapters in this series, view our HC Series resource PDF or give us a call.

  • HC-G06-0-S1018-AABA-Z10
  • HC-G08-0-S1220-AABA-Z10
  • HC-G12-0-S1624-AABA-Z10
  • HC-G16-0-S2030-AABA-Z10
  • HC-G20-0-S2536-AABA-Z10
  • HC-G06-2-S1018-AABB-Z10
  • HC-G08-2-S1220-AABB-Z10
  • HC-G12-2-S1624-AABB-Z10
  • HC-G16-2-S2030-AABB-Z10
  • HC-G20-2-S2536-AABB-Z10

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