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The KL Series is a low-pressure coupling family. This is a family of pneumatic couplers. The KL Series Walter Couplings are ideal for pneumatic tube fittings. These pneumatic couplings can also be used in a variety of fluid and gaseous media, including water, compressed air, fuel, lubricating oils and technical gases. These pneumatic couplings are part of the Walther quick coupling series, and are available in three types including KL-006, KL-012 and KL-030. The KL Series can operate at a maximum pressure of 170 psi. For information on specific pneumatic coupler models, view the table below.

Type Actual bore Ø (mm) Nom. max. End Fitting size Max. WP (psi) Cv
One side with valves Both sides with valves
KL-006 6 1/2" 170 1.0 0.73
KL-012 12 3/4" 145 4.34 3.25
KL-030 33 2" 145 30. 21.3

KL-030 Couplings & Nipples are marked "30331"

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