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HG-004 Automotive Refueling couplings for Gaseous Hydrogen


The Walther HG-004 high pressure refueling coupling was the first coupling worldwide manufactured and tested according to the SAE J2600 standard for refueling motor vehicles using gaseous hydrogen up to 10,150psi working pressure. In order to meet the demands required of the high pressure motor vehicle refueling application, the patented HG-004 coupling system uses a newly developed valve technique, special seal qualities and a new locking system. Connection and disconnection of the coupling requires a simple one handed "push-pull" operation.

Although new in design, the HG-004 high pressure adapter (vehicle side) is compatible with the lower pressure couplings (fuel side) found at many filling stations supplying gaseous hydrogen.

Technical data:

Nominal Bore size: 4mm
Working Pressure: 10,150psi
Filling Pressure: max. 12,700psi
Working Temperature: -40°F to 185°F
coupling (fuel side)
adapter (vehicle side)
approx. 2.5lbs
approx. 0.7lbs
Material: Stainless steel

Click here for a PDF format HG-004 coupling dimensional drawing.

HG-006 Break-away

hg-006-coupling-assembled hg-006-coupling-1 hg-006-coupling-2

The HG-006 coupling is a 6mm bore, inline break-away coupling manufactured of stainless steel and special alloys. Pressure balanced design ensures the break away force is virtually unaffected by the internal pressure. The spherical mounting surface allows the coupling to align with the filling hose. With a maximum working pressure of 10,150 (700bar), this HG series coupling system is a top performer.

Complete part numbers:

  • HG-006-0-SA514-AAAB-YO1 - self sealing coupling (female portion), 6mm bore end fitting 9/16"-18 UNF-2b (-6 SAE J1926, ISO 11926, straight thread port)
  • HG-006-2-SA514-AAAA-Y01 - self sealing adapter (male portion), 6mm bore end fitting 9/16"-18 UNF-2b (-6 SAE J1926, ISO 11926, straight thread port)

(A 3/8" Autoclave end fitting connection is also available.)

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