Series 95273 Plug and Socket Inserts, Quick-change

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95273 Quick-Change Inserts use the standard 95273 Housings

In the Quick Change system, the plug and socket inserts are made in two parts: an inner, or fixed part, which is attached to the wires, and an outer, or Quick-Change half, which can be quickly unplugged and replaced if the pins or sockets become damaged. This greatly reduces repair down-time, and, because the wires are not disconnected, there is no danger of them being miss-connected during the repair.

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Series 95273 Plug and Socket Inserts, Quick-change
Insert Part No. Plug/Socket Fixed/Quick-Change No. Pins
A5273-1-SK000-2N-0-AO P QC 7
A5273-9-SK015-2N-0-AO-001 P F 7
A5273-4-SK000-2N-0-AO S QC 7
A5273-9-SK015-2N-0-AO-004 S F 7
A5273-1-SK000-2N-0-AB P QC 25
A5273-9-SK015-2N-0-AB-001 P F 25
A5273-4-SK000-2N-0-AB S QC 25
A5273-9-SK015-2N-0-AB-004 S F 25
A5273-1-SK000-2N-0-AA P QC 27
A5273-9-SK015-2N-0-AA-001 P F 27
A5273-4-SK000-2N-0-AA S QC 27
A5273-9-SK015-2N-0-AA-004 S F 27
A5273-1-SK000-2N-0-AM P QC 37
A5273-9-SK015-2N-0-AM-001 P F 37
A5273-4-SK000-2N-0-AM S QC 37
A5273-9-SK015-2N-0-AM-004 S F 37

All Inserts:

Test V Working V Class A Working V Class C Amp Cable cross-section (mm2)
-- -- -- 16 1.5

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